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This inspiring and totally 'cool' hotel offers an experience never to be forgotten. Warm accommodation is provided in a selection of hotel rooms and stylish chalets, complemented by the Icehotel accommodation comprising of around 50 snow and ice rooms plus individually designed Art Suites. Surprisingly, you'll find 'sleeping on ice' is far more comfortable than it may sound!

Snow Rooms & Suites at the Icehotel
The thought of sleeping on ice for some is an intriguing prospect. And with a snuggly sleeping bag and some spectacular designs to enjoy, we are sure it will be a night you will remember! Each room has an ice bed - a large block of illuminated ice upon which sits a thick mattress, a layer of reindeer skins and a thickly-padded polar sleeping bag so you won’t need to wear layers and layers of night clothes. There are several different types of ice accommodation - their size and what they contain sets them apart.

Snow Rooms

Snow Rooms are the simplest cold room in the Icehotel built from 'snice' with a double bed as previously described, plus a curtain for privacy. There are only two snow rooms, each sleeping up to four people.


Ice Rooms

Ice Rooms are slightly larger than Snow Rooms and have the addition of ice ‘furniture’ which is typically two chairs and a table. These are included in the price of our basic packages which include a night sleeping on ice. Sleep 2-3.


Northern Lights Rooms

Northern Lights Rooms are similar in size to the Ice Rooms, but capture the magic of the aurora borealis with glowing lights illuminating the room so you feel as though you're sleeping under the real thing! Sleep 2-3. Upgrade from £68pp per night (twin).

Art Suites

Art Suites are beautifully carved by hand by artists handpicked from around the world. Walls are adorned with all manner of ‘sn-ice’ art (a combination of snow and ice); imaginative lighting creates all kinds of moods and incredible ice sculptures, furniture and a large ice bed set the unique theme for the room - all of which are stunning in their own way. Sleep 2-3. Upgrade from £109pp per night (twin).

For the lowdown on how to sleep on a 'bed of ice', read our Nordic Sales Manager Amy's first hand account and top tips here»


Warm Rooms at the Icehotel
Although an overnight in an ice room is what most come here to experience, with outdoor temperatures often hitting the -30°C mark and the Icehotel kept at a ‘balmy’ -5°C (!), it is essential to have somewhere to ‘come in from the cold.’ Fortunately, there are several warm room options on site and the facilities are excellent.

Most stays at the Icehotel are a minimum of three nights with two spent in warm accommodation. However, if you’d prefer to spend your entire stay in a warm room, or have one as back up whilst on your ‘ice night’, do speak to our reservations team. It is not always possible to determine in advance which of your nights at the Icehotel will be spent in warm accommodation – generally this will be allocated on arrival.

Kaamos Rooms

Kaamos Rooms are similar to hotel rooms with several together in a block set in the scenic surrounds of the Icehotel. Kaamos means 'polar light' and these rooms get plenty of it with their large corner windows. They are spacious and furnished in a modern contemporary Scandinavian style and have an en-suite bathroom with shower and WC . Sleep 2 (mainly twin with a limited number of doubles).


Arctic Chalets

Arctic Chalets are charming and airy wooden chalets with modern furnishings. Each has two bedrooms with double and single beds, an en-suite bathroom and a small dining area with a fridge, TV and tea and coffee making facilities.


Nordic Chalets

Nordic Chalets are delightful 'light and bright' wooden chalets with modern furnishings, two bedrooms with twin and bunk beds, an en-suite bathroom and a small dining area with a fridge, TV and tea and coffee making facilities.



After a day out in the cold, crisp, air enjoying an excursion or two, take a rejuvenating sauna - the main saunas can be found in the ‘dressing room’ building next to the Icehotel. It is here on your first night, where you will be kitted out with your thermal suit, hat, boots and mittens for the duration of your stay and where you’ll find another open fire and lounge area. There is also a sauna upstairs, above the Icehotel restaurant across from reception.