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  • Is a region, not a country, covering a large area of northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and part of Russia’s Kola Peninsula
  • Covers 300,000 km² (115,000 square miles)
  • Is home to 900,000 people including 66,000 indigenous Sami
  • Has its own Sami national television which carries a short daily bulletin of Sami news

Swedish Lapland...

  • Borders Norway and Finland 200km above the Arctic Circle
  • Is larger than the whole of the UK covering 109,702 km²
  • Is home to 250,000 people including 20,000 indigenous Sami, 120,000 reindeer and 65,000 snow mobiles!
  • Is home to Sweden’s… most northern town (Kiruna); highest mountain (Kebnekaise) and deepest lake (Hornavan)
  • Has the last remaining expanse of wilderness in northern Europe including stunning forests, crystal clear rivers and spectacular mountains
  • Has a town which is moving on the map - yes, Kiruna is on the move! Over the next 10-15 years Kiruna is being relocated, building by building, a few kilometres up the road. Why? The LKAB iron ore mine, the largest in the world, is expanding.
  • Is the best place to view the northern lights. Abisko National Park is regarded as one of the best places in the world to observe the northern lights due to its prevailing winds which means that cloud rarely forms, keeping the skies clear – ideal conditions for viewing the aurora borealis.
  • The word Guovsahas is… the Sami word for the northern lights
  • Is the location for extreme recyclers! The Icehotel is an example of recycling in the extreme - each year it is built out of snow and ice and in spring it simply melts back into the Torne River. The Icehotel aims to be carbon negative by 2015 – this means it will produce more renewable energy than it uses!